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Full Version: FleaFPGA 3rd production run
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Hello fellow tinkerers!

First off, I would like to thank those of you who bought into my previous two production runs, without your support FleaFPGA would never have left my workbench. Thankyou! Smile

Encouraged by the positive feedback and on-going interest in my FleaFPGA project, I am happy to announce a third FleaFPGA production run. This production round will include 50 boards and will be available for delivery from the 4th week of September 2014 onwards. Pricing will be USD$65 excluding delivery.

Interested readers are now welcome to pre-order their own FleaFPGA! Please direct any order requests, questions and feedback to info_&_fleasystems.com. Those of you who previously placed a request to order FleaFPGA will now be notified via email.

Thanks again for your interest and support. As always, Happy experimenting! Smile

Valentin Angelovski
Hello again!

Just a quick update on the latest FleaFPGA production run:

- FleaFPGA's circuit board was recently stepped up to Version 2.6 due to a very minor change of the silkscreen for the sake of better manufacturability. This new version is still electrically identical with the previous V2.5 PCB.

- All components have now been delivered to the factory, with production to commence on Monday. I intend to upload some pics of a production flea, as soon as become available in a week or so..

- I am now accepting pre-orders on these FleaFPGA boards produced in this run. Interested tinkerers please contact me! Huge thanks goes out to those of you who have pre-ordered their FleaFPGA boards previously.

Well that's it for now. Please keep an eye out for further updates. Thanks for reading! Smile

Valentin Angelovski
Dear All,

I have some very good news to report about this run! All FleaFPGA boards have been assembled and tested ahead of schedule (see pics below).


With luck, I hope to see the boards possibly by late next week. More to follow.. Smile

Valentin Angelovski
Good News! V2.6 boards have arrived!! Big Grin Sample pic below:

[Image: FleaFPGA_2V6_thumb.jpg]

Thankyou to all who pre-ordered their FleaFPGA boards for this production run, it was very much appreciated! Email notifications have already gone out today, with the boards shipping tomorrow..

For those of you who are still interested in buying a FleaFPGA board there's good news - I now have a healthy number of boards in stock!

Well that's all for now. Thanks and Happy Experimenting! Smile

Regards Valentin
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