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Full Version: Problem with JTAG under VirtualBox
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Hello all,

I use Lattice Diamond software under XP on an Oracle VirtualBox. For the most part, this works OK, including FPGA programming. However, the FleaFPGA programming utility frequently freezes and the only way out is to reboot the virtual box.

Question: Has anyone else seen this problem? Is there another way the FleaFPGA can be programmed? Thanks.

-- Wayne
Hello Wayne,

Thanks for your Question.

I cannot speak for others, but I can say that I have not attempted to run Lattice Diamond and/or Flea JTAG in a Virtualized environment. Works perfectly fine in a native Windows-based environment, of course.

Just curious, but what OS are you using to host VirtualBox? If it is Linux, perhaps yourself and others might be interested in reading this thread. Smile

Regards Valentin
Yes, I am using a linux host so I'll e-mail you about the linux version of the utility. Thanks for the feedback.

-- Wayne
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