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Full Version: FleaFPGA on Linux - beta testers wanted!
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Hello all,

For those of you who have previously enquired about programming FleaFPGA from a Linux environment, I am pleased to report that an early alpha release of the FleaFPGA JTAG utility for Linux is undergoing in-house testing at the moment. While I make no firm guarantees at this point on the outcome, initial results look promising at this time.

To help with the development process, I am seeking FleaFPGA users who would be willing to spare some of their time towards testing out a beta-build of the FleaFPGA JTAG utility for Linux. Please email me if you are willing and able to help out with testing. Thanks! Smile

Valentin Angelovski
Hello again,

Just a update on this. After much delay (sorry about that), I have finally decided to make available the FleaFPGA JTAG utility sources in the attached tar zip file.

Basically, this allows FleaFPGA to be programmed via JTAG from a Native (and free) Linux Environment running Lattice Diamond FPGA development software

Steps to install FleaFPGA JTAG for Linux:

1.) Install Lattice Diamond as per instructions found here:
2.) apt-get install libusb-dev libftdi1-dev
3.) Build/make FleaFPGA utility using the files contained in the attached tar below
4.) Start lattice Diamond. Use the Diamond GUI to run ddtcmd and make VME, then (out of chroot) run FleaFPGA-JTAG on VME

Please note this software is still 'Beta' so I am providing it strictly as-is for those of you who are partial towards Linux. However, it is known to work sufficiently well enough for this limited release. Enjoy! Smile

Regards Valentin
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