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Full Version: Forum rules - please read!
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Hello and welcome to the fleasystems community forums! Smile

This forum is open to all those who are passionate/keen electronics and embedded computing enthusiasts at heart. I originally created this forum in support of my homebrew embedded computing projects that I have been working on over a number of years and present them on the http://www.fleasystems.com site for all to explore, learn and use.

Feel free to use the services of this forum, subject to the following conditions:

- When starting a thread clearly state the topic subject in the subject title.
- Please keep specific discussion threads on-topic.
- Only one forum user account per person allowed.
- Users must supply a valid email account upon registration - spambots need not apply!
- No Spamming will be tolerated.
- No Thread hijacking.
- Links to competitor's products will only be tolerated in the 'General Tech' or 'General Suggestions' forums.
- Personal attacks or defamatory posts of any kind will NOT be tolerated!
- Use of profanity/foul language is strongly discouraged.
- Racist, Religious or Sexist posts will NOT be tolerated in the general discussion sections (or indeed any section) of our forum.
- All of the above rules equally apply to Private messages as well as forum thread postings.
- This site does not support the use of file attachements in user forum postings (though this may change at a later date).

Please Note: When accessing any external links contained within user postings, please do so at your own risk. Any external links that I discover to be inappropriate or malicious in any way will be removed.

Hope everyone understands the above site rules (and agree). I Look forward to seeing you in the forum! Smile

Valentin Angelovski
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