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Full Version: Retirement of all fleasys. projects..
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Dear All,

It is with considerable sadness to inform that have decided retire all of my existing FPGA-based learning platforms. This includes my upcoming Ohm and Ohm+ boards as well, which will now both be cancelled. Sad

As for 'why?': I recently lost interest/patience waiting on parts sourcing issues to resolve for my own latest project (Ohm/Ohm+). Could things have been different had I selected a more widely available FPGA variant? I honestly don't know but too late now to speculate about it regardless.

Anyway, no Ohm boards means no successor to my current offerings. Given I no longer wish to make any more of my existing designs, that means the end-of-the-road. Sad

I will keep the site and it's user forum available for the short term, but with the understanding these will now no longer be around indefinitely.

My apologies to those of you who were waiting on my Ohm/Ohm+ boards, but it just isn't going to happen now. Thanks for reading.

Valentin Angelovski
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