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Problems installing F32C toolchain
12-04-2015, 04:03 PM (This post was last modified: 12-04-2015 04:25 PM by Xark.)
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RE: Problems installing F32C toolchain

Hmm, interesting. Well, glad you got something to work...

I thought the one I used was FleaFPGA_Uno_revE.ldf with Diamond 3.5.1 64-bit on Windows 7-64 (it is possible older Diamonds might gripe about minor differences in XML project). I'll double check the GitHub matches what I used.

I am curious what errors you are getting (or if it just won't load project)?



Okay, I double checked GitHub the "FleaFPGA_Uno_revE.ldf" is exactly the one I have been using. AFAICT the "FleaFPGA_Uno_revE.ldf" is basically identical to "project.ldf" with two small exceptions. If it is working for you, I think there is nothing wrong with using "project.ldf" (not as easy to play with IP-Express primitive options but is likely fine for you).

"Project.ldf" is a from slightly older Diamond, but what I am guessing may be your problem is you are not "re-generating" the IP-Express IPX primitives. The "project.ldf" uses pre-generated VHD files (which makes it inconvenient to not be able to use GUI editor on IP options - e.g., change f32c clock speed).

To re-generate primitives from IPX files in the FleaFPGA_Uno_revE.ldf project (or other Diamond projects) do this:

After loading project into Diamond, double-click on "clkgen.ipx" (the PLL used to generate several clocks) and it should pop up a "Lattice FPGA Module - PLL" window. Scroll this down and click "Calculate", then click "Generate", then "Close".

Then do the same for "ddr_out.ipx" (used for "double-data rate" outputs) file to bring up "Lattice FPGA Module - GENERIC_DDR" and click "Generate" and "Close".

After than the design should synthesize (assuming this was your problem). Note that it is "expected" to get some "timing violations" synthesizing f32c for 50Mhz (so kind of "overclocked").


P.S. These IPX files are left "non-generated" because that is much better for Git and also it is possible there are legal issues with the generated Lattice IP files. Also pre-generated modules are often not compatible between Diamond releases.
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